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Chinese Encoding -- 如何看中文
For Netscape Communicator 6.1 users only

If you are not a Netscape Communicator 6.1 user, click here to return to the browser selection page.

Netscape Communicator 6.1 has the Chinese Character decoding capability embedded in the browser. Therefore you do not need to use any third-party character encoding software to view Chinese on our web pages.

Furthermore, Netscape 6.1 auto-detects the web page font and displays Chinese characters without any need to configure the browser at all.

If you have problem viewing Chinese, try the following steps.

Click View -> click Character Coding -> click Auto-Detect -> click Chinese .

Netscape 6.1 will refresh the page. If not, go back to the Netscape menu bar and click the 'Reload' button.

You should be able to view Chinese now.

NOTE: You do not need to do this the next time you open Netscape as it remembers your settings.

If you still have problems, kindly e-mail Francis Tam