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Be Prepared

  1. Wear warm clothings knowing the temperature will be at least 3-4C colder than outside when you are down in the woods and at the bottom of the fall.

  2. Bring ear muffs, winter jacket with hood, scarf, gloves and warm socks.

  3. Hiking shoes with deep tracks. If you can, put the shoe strap with cleats onto your hiking shoe (only for icy trails). Checkout what's available for winter jogging and hiking on snow and ice

  4. Bring a cane with an ice pick kind of thing at the end. It can pierce through ice that gives you the stability you need to walk on ice.

  5. A small bag of salt (the kind you use for your driveway) ... haven't tried this yet, but salt can 'break' the shiny and slippery surface of the ice, giving you traction to walk on.

  6. Rest when you are tired.

  7. Energy bar in case you feel hungry.

  8. Juice in case you are thirsty. I think juice has a lower freezer point than water.

  9. At certain part of the icy trail, we have to walk sideways with hands on the upper slope for support. This is especially necessary if you are going down the slope.

  10. Always walk as close as you can on the upper side of the trails. Not on the lower side because that's where you have no falling ground and drop into the creek. As Landscape Architects, we design trail to slope towards the creek or river to keep the trail dry.

  11. Walk on the side slope if necessary. It will be steep and sometimes a bit difficult to walk on, but it will enable you to walk and not slide.

  12. NOTE: add more to this if you have other ideas after your winter waterfalls visit. Send your suggestion to

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Last updated: 4/2/2009
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