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Planning the Trip

The City of Waterfalls website offers the most help.

To the left of the website is a list of all the waterfalls. Each link shows the history, map to the waterfall and photos taken by various members of the Hamilton Waterfalls Club. These photos provide you with a 'taste' of what the various waterfalls look like during the different seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Here is the map showing all the waterfalls and try to pick the falls that are close to one another for each trip. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this PDF file. First print the second page as it lists the major waterfalls names. With that list, reference the map to see what grouping of waterfalls you want to visit.

Think 'green' and some visitors park their vehicles at one waterfalls and hike or bike to the others as there are various trails linking these waterfalls. Well, the biking is not so feasible during the winter months though. But, on the other hand, you will be surprised at what people can do these days. Hiking in winter, you have to be prepared for 'icy' trails.

Most of these waterfalls sites have parking managed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) and it's up to the user to pay (by putting your fees in an envelope and then drop it into a metal drop box). Remember to tear the top stub to display it on your vehicle's dash.

(Note:I think the same parking permit can be applied to other HCA managed parking lots within that day. It's called a "Daily Vehicle Permit".

Happy planning for your next waterfalls visit ... see them in summer and then see them in winter. You will be surprised at what you will experience physically and visually. For these visits, always remember SAFETY first.

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Last updated: 3/28/2009
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