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Great Falls

Ice Sculpture by Nature

The City of Hamilton for safety reason and viewing pleasure has provided viewing decks for the majority of the waterfalls. However, during winter months, due to the mist and vapour generated from the waterfalls, a thin layer of ice may be formed around all handrails, metal steps and wooden deck. Just be careful and watch your steps. Use your glove to hold on to the rail as you walk.

Webster Falls

It's at least four times wider and deeper than the Great Falls.

The mist and water vapour form ice around all
the plant materials.

There's mist and water vapour everywhere especially for the bigger falls and you are walking down to the river. Everything you see in this photos is covered with a thin layer of ice.

Tew Falls

We were here two summers ago and the water was only trickling down.

A mom was nice enough to help us take this group photo.

Tiffany Falls

Walk very carefully on those ice packed trails. The trick is to
walk on the upper slope with leaf mulch and fresh snow to provide
friction while you walk. And this kind of walking can be tiring. Best to put on your Snow and Ice Traction Cleats. Click on link to see what they look like.

There are two bridges to cross. The bridges are okay.

My son Joshua almost tripped. Walked slowly and on the higher slope side. Wish we had those snow and ice traction cleats on our shoes.

It's tiring, hence logs are provided for rest.

Is it worth the hiking. You bet. You can only feel the size of this waterfall when you stand at the bottom of the fall. You may be no taller than 1/8" standing in this photo.

It was at lease 3-4C lower than normal temperature when you are in the woods or at the bottom of the waterfall. Dress appropriately. Definitely ear muffs, scarf and gloves. Yet for some, they think it's still okay to paint.


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Last updated: 4/2/2009
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