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Chinese Encoding -- 如何看中文

Dear Members,

In order to view Chinese on our web site, you need a 'quick' preference change in your current browser. This should not take long and the setting is done ONLY ONCE.

You can setup your browser not only to read traditional Chinese, but also simplified Chinese, Japanese, etc. So your effort in making this setup will benefit your future viewing of all Chinese sites, plus any language site of your choice.

Credit should go to Francis Tam for contributing this value tips for us to use.

Here is what you should do.

First check which version of the browser you are currently using.

To do this, go to the Help command on your menu bar (the one on the far right) and click on it. Then go down to the About...

Here is a screen shot of where to find the Help command in Netscape.

Here is a screen shot of where to find the Help command in Internet Explorer (IE).

Based on the version you have, please go to one of the steps below.

Netscape Communicator User Internet Explorer User
Netscape 6.1 user, click here IE 5.5 user, click here
Netscape 4.78 user, click here. Earlier than 5.5 IE users, please download the latest version.
If you are using 4.76 or 4.77 or earlier version, please download the latest version.